Campus Fryslân is managing the Interreg ID3AS work package dedicated to the automatic detection of dysarthric speech in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and other motor speech disorders. This multidisciplinary project involves using methods from linguistics alongside expertise from speech pathology, neurology, and signal analysis to detect prosodic cues indicative of pathological speech within and across different languages. One goal of the project is to develop a tool that would allow professionals to remotely assess the severity of pathological speech or the efficacy of different interventions. Another goal is an interactive serious game which could be played by patients with motor speech disorders, allowing them to visualize, and more effectively limit the pathological characteristics of their voice (like the characteristic inability to modulate volume or pitch), helping them re-learn how to produce voice with a healthy range of expressive characteristics. The research is conducted primarily by Dr. M. Coler and PhD student V. Verkhodanova.

The work package is part of the ID3AS health project managed by the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, which aim to facilitate new business opportunities for SMEs in northern Netherlands and Germany. Therefore, the project will also develop possibilities for cross-overs, like using the technology in the public security or education sectors.

In addition to the ID3AS Health project, ID3AS consists of four other projects on different themes (Smart supply chain, Intelligent surfaces and materials, Intelligent living environments and Agro business) which, through consortia of SMEs, industry and universities, are working on open innovation. From the Interreg perspective, ID3AS is not a research project, but rather a project that uses the outcome of research for business development purposes. Matching needs and questions from SMEs with the current state of fundamental and applied research in the field of sensor technology should help businesses to stay current and generate new opportunities in the north. Interested partners are welcome to discuss opportunities for collaboration.


Subsidy: €9.750.000,00

i3B partners: INCAS3

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