VetBioNet - Veterinary Biocontained Facility Network for Excellence in Animal Infectiology

VetBioNet is a European project that connects large research infrastructures. The project will form a network of facilities researching animal diseases (including diseases which can spread to humans) in secure facilities. It will develop new technologies for this that go considerably beyond the current state of the art as well as activities such as standardization of protocols and best practices as well as connecting with similar institutes outside Europe. In this pro­ject, Noldus will develop new tools for remote monitoring of the animals’ health and welfare, reducing the need for people to enter highly contained facilities.

Subsidy: €9.900.000,- (Horizon 2020)

Partners: This is a large project with 30 partners. It is led by the French research institute INRA, with European partners from the Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Spain, Czech Repub­lic, Poland, and Italy as well as partners from a number of other countries (Kenya, USA, Australia and Canada).

i3B partners: WUR, Noldus IT.

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