ICT for Brain, Body and Behavior (i3B) is a cluster of high-tech SMEs and knowledge institutes that initiate and carry out R&D and business development in the area of brain, cognition, physiology and behavior. i3B is an independent network, established by the Dutch “National Initiative Brain and Cognition” (NIHC), Wageningen University & Research and Noldus IT. i3B is an EU-acknowledged foundation, eligible to participate in European projects as a third party. 

i3B’s application domains are in ICT in Health, Food, Mobility, Security. i3B develops digital tools to measure, analyze and provide feedback (monitor) in a wide variety of circumstances such as eating, buying, driving, human-system interaction, moving (sports, elderly), stress, social interaction, psychiatric disorders, workplace ergonomics, sleep quality, precision livestock farming and animal models of human disease.


i3B Connect

  • Organization of events: i3B Café, annual symposium, congresses (including the Measuring Behavior congress), thematic workshops, joint trade show presentations.
  • Organization of thematic trade missions and ‘science & technology missions’ to specific countries and regions (in cooperation with Dutch embassies).
  • Publication of i3B results via website, e-mail newsletters, RSS feeds, social media, blogs, printed matter, etc.
  • Coordination and/or hosting of networks and think tanks in the i3B working area.
  • Publisher: publication of manuals, protocols, etc. in the i3B working area.

Research & Development
i3B business partners develop sensors, actuators, data acquisition systems, data analysis software, feedback systems and test apparatus . The knowledge institutes provide insight in what to measure and how to interpret brain and behavior data. In addition, i3B has sophisticated laboratories and facilities for concept development, experimentation, and field testing with end users.
i3B assists with software development, system integration, testing of prototypes in one of our field labs, organize dissemination activities and project development & management.

i3B participants become partners in regional, national or European R&D project consortia with financial support from programs such as Horizon 2020, ITEA and INTERREG. The i3B innovation portfolio consists of an R&D project overview with new project ideas, submitted applications and successful and rejected applications. Depending on the number of i3B participants involved in an R&D project, strengthening the collaboration and impact of the network, i3B can provide support services such as:

1. Partner search. National and international partner search to complete your R&D consortium.

2. Consortium building. Align the visions of knowledge and business partners on the scope of an R&D proposal.

Examples are the ‘IPC’ subsidy application where 20 SMEs of i3B collaborate to develop innovative ICT solutions to monitor brain, body and behavior. Furthermore in an EU funded project C.I.A.L.E. where the full i3B ICT cluster is connected with a Food and Health innovation network to realize cross overs related to healthy lifestyle.

3. Dissemination. i3B can write the dissemination plan for an R&D proposal and can carry out dissemination activities in a project: organize workshops and events, write newsletters and spread results through channels like social media.

4. Valorization and business modelling. i3B assists with finding new business models for the valorization of scientific knowledge. A typical example is a European Coope-ration in Science and Techno-logy (COST) networking grant recently submitted on ICT and Food.

5. Other services upon request.

Business Development
The i3B network shares ideas, examines trends and starts up new collaborations. Innovation resulting in business development plays a crucial role in the network. The culture in the network is business oriented.
Besides the development of Research and Development projects, i3B gives financial support in the form of valorization advice or assisting with subsidy programs such as EU Horizon 2020. i3B provides matchmaking; one to one matches, visiting programs, connecting SMEs with large industry. Last but not least, i3B provides exposure through international conferences, newsletters, publications etc.

i3B Facilities & Services

  • Design, management and exploitation of joint laboratory facilities.
  • Design, management and exploitation of the i3B E-science Lab, a ‘virtual laboratory for e-science’ (including a repository with annotated reference data sets).
  • Facilitating user-oriented product development (user-centered design, UCD): organization of co-creation/co-design workshops, requirements elicitation sessions, etc.
  • Recruiting of test subjects for experimental studies.
  • Usability testing services for product developers.
  • Assistance with product certification (e.g. Medical CE, Class 1) for developers of hardware products.
  •  Assistance with product localization (e.g. Chinese versions of software).


i3B Academy

  • Education: courses for employees and clients (use of products and systems, R&D methodologies), certification.
  • Outreach: education in emerging economies.
  • Initiation of TNO SME technology clusters (knowledge transfer from TNO to Dutch SMEs with financial support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation).

i3B Exchange (Personnel)

The exchange of students/researchers in the i3B cluster contributes to knowledge transfer and the development of innovative ICT products. If an i3B participant looks for an exchange student/researcher, please contact us. We will refer you to the right address. Furthermore: train entrepreneurial skills by business experts.