As a network of more and less experienced SME entrepreneurs, i3B plays a useful role in various forms of business development:

OEM and VAR relationships

Development of OEM and value-added relationships between participating companies. Not every i3B participant has the ambition to develop integrated end products. Among the launching participants there are also companies who want to concentrate on R&D that leads to components and subsystems, whereas others want to market end user systems worldwide. Partnerships arise between these companies in which the one as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) integrates the end product and the other functions as a supplier. i3B can play an advisory and intermediary role in this.

Commercial contracts

The i3B cluster can act as a single company towards external parties and profile itself to large companies who want to do one-stop shopping when outsourcing R&D in the area of brain/body/behavior. i3B can act as a negotiator in this process or even as a prime contractor and then engage one or more i3B participants as subcontractors. To facilitate this form of business development, a BV has been set up under the i3B Foundation: i3B Innovations BV.

New ventures

Encouraging and supervising the start-up of new companies by researchers and developers involved in i3B. With this approach, i3B can generate new companies that might later be assimilated by existing i3B companies or larger companies. This could make the output of i3B even more tangible.