The i3B organization undertakes a range of activities for the benefit of the participating companies and other interested parties. A provisional but non-exhaustive list of activities is provided below. These activities are not initiated all at once; we have started with a limited number of activities and will extend them according to market demand and the needs of participants.


  • Organization of events: i3B Café, annual symposium, congresses (including the Measuring Behavior congress), thematic workshops, joint trade show presentations.
  • Organization of thematic trade missions and ‘science & technology missions’ to specific countries and regions (in cooperation with Dutch embassies).
  • Publication of i3B results via website, e-mail newsletters, RSS feeds, social media, blogs, printed matter, etc.
  • Coordination and/or hosting of networks and think tanks in the i3B working area.
  • Publisher: publication of manuals, protocols, etc. in the i3B working area.


  • Setting up and coordination of the implementation of a joint research program.
  • Coordination of system integration and validation projects based on the technology of two or more participating companies.
  • Offering positions to researchers (students, PhDs, postdocs, guest staff).
  • Coordination and administrative support of collaborative projects (Agentschap NL, EU FP7, etc.) to obtain grants for R&D in the area of i3B for which i3B will act as the project coordinator or partner (in EU context).
  • Initiation of applied scientific research projects under the co-financing scheme of TNO (for Dutch SMEs)
  • Initiation of new domain-specific field labs.


  • Assisting with the development of OEM and value-added relationships between participating companies.
  • Acting as a contract partner to (foreign) companies in the tendering of R&D, in which i3B acts as the primary contractor and one or more i3B participants are engaged as subcontractors.
  • Encouraging and supervising the start-up of new companies by researchers and developers involved in i3B.

i3B Career Exchange (Personnel)

The exchange of students/researchers in the i3B cluster contributes to knowledge transfer and the development of innovative ICT products. If an i3B participant looks for an exchange student/researcher, please contact us. We will refer you to the right address. Furthermore: train entrepreneurial skills by business experts.

A typical example:  “Hello!, my name is Ramon Bollen. I’m 27 years old and I currently live in Veenendaal. I studied information technology at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Essentially this is an education to become a software developer. For my graduation project I made a live data viewer for the i3B ADVICE (driving simulator) and FOCOM (digital store) projects under the supervision of Tobias Heffelaar of Noldus IT.” After successfully graduating at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, Ramon accepted a position as Software Engineer at Noldus IT.

i3B Academy

  • Education: courses for employees and clients (use of products and systems, R&D methodologies), certification.
  • Outreach: education in emerging economies.
  • Initiation of TNO SME technology clusters (knowledge transfer from TNO to Dutch SMEs with financial support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation).

i3B Facilities & Research services

  • Design, management and exploitation of joint laboratory facilities.
  • Design, management and exploitation of the i3B E-science Lab, a ‘virtual laboratory for e-science’ (including a repository with annotated reference data sets).
  • Facilitating user-oriented product development (user-centered design, UCD): organization of co-creation/co-design workshops, requirements elicitation sessions, etc.
  • Recruiting of test subjects for experimental studies.
  • Usability testing services for product developers.
  • Assistance with product certification (e.g. Medical CE, Class 1) for developers of hardware products.
  • Assistance with product localization (e.g. Chinese versions of software).