ADVICE: Advanced Driver Vehicle Interface in a Complex Environment

The consortium partners have been challenged to build a driver observation system for driver behavior and human-machine interface (HMI) evaluation studies.

The concern for the impact of our mobility systems on safety, environment and congestion has resulted in many innovations in vehicles and infrastructure in the last decades. It is absolutely clear that the driver plays a crucial role in this. Putting the gas pedal to the ground, not allowing sufficient distance, and taking risks on the road by aggressive driving behavior are all factors being controlled by the driver. For that reason, engineers have tried to find innovative solutions by giving better support to the driver. Regarding safety, over 80% of all accidents are still caused by human error, being primarily a result of poor recognition and inappropriate decision making. It is therefore remarkable that the type of driver and the driver state are hardly taken into account in these systems

This project has resulted in the product DriveLab.


Subsidy: € 2.000.000,-

i3B partners: HAN, TNO, Green Dino, Noldus IT, TMSi, Smart Eye

Website: click here

Status: finalised December, 2015