Bereslim is thé provider of pedagogically responsible computer games for young children aged 3 to 7, their parents and educators. Children can play amusing and educational games and look at beautiful picture books. Bereslim products can be used at home and at school, at children’s playgrounds and libraries.


In every Bereslim game, attention is paid to stimulate good learning behavior. Learning enables children to use different types of strategies: learning behavior. One strategy is more effective than the other. If children use effective learning strategies, children show better school results. Therefore, it is important that children with a lack of effective learning strategy learn to change their strategy. In addition, Bereslim is effective for young children’s language development.


Bereslim has been set up as a platform for research on the effects of computer usage on the development of young children. The Bereslim website is the result of years of development, research and testing. The development of Bereslim therefore is under the guidance of a group of scientists in the field of pedagogy and developmental psychology. Bereslim will continue developing in the future and will expand the possibilities of current products. 


Ubbo Emmiussingel 110

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Groningen (The Netherlands)