COMBINE stands for: Community driven Model Based Intelligent systems Engineering. Previ­ous RAAK-SME projects ‘Fast&Curious’ and ‘SMARTcode’ resulted in a community of compa­nies and knowledge institutes around HAN tools for model based development of control sys­tems. Initially, the consortium focused on the prototype phase. Nowadays, the focus changed towards series production. To date, the HAN tools target the modelling of control algorithms. Since the advantages of this technology are acknowledged and used by the SME partners, the ambition rises to introduce similar support for modelling the system that has to be controlled. Such an addition to the tools completes the support for a full-scale model based workflow. This results in a central demand by SMEs for knowledge and tools, in order to realize system models in a quick, high quality and cheap way towards optimal integration in the process of development. With the deliverables from COMBINE – tools, development process and pre-competitive collaboration – existing solutions for SMEs are enriched in the field of system modelling and are directly shared in a growing community with a large application area.


Subsidy: € 300.000,-

i3B partners: HAN, Noldus IT

Website: click here  

Status: running