DAISY2 - Using Radar to Predict the Weather for Farmers

DAISY2 is (as the name implies) a follow-up to the successful DAISY project. In DAISY, a radical new type of radar was developed and brought to a prototype stage. In DAISY2 the develop­ment will be completed and tested in a number of scenarios. Noldus will evaluate how useful it is for tracking people and animals in a number of differ­ent applications of varying technical complexity and market application such as people in museums, shopping centers and animals on ecoducts or in precision agriculture. Radar potentially has a number of advantages over current track­ing methods, including:

- Complete anonymity, privacy guaranteed

- Many and varying number of subjects at the same time

- No tags are needed

- No expensive infrastructure such as UWB beacons

- Scalable for relatively large areas

- Works both inside and outside

Subsidy: €2.000.000,-  

i3B partners: TNO, Noldus IT, Wageningen UR 

Website: click here

Status: running