Central in FOCOM is the development of predictive model systems that, after validation on high-quality equipment (MRI, EEG and NIRS, available at the Donders Institute and WUR), will be translated in a number of dedicated, low cost behavioral and brain observation techniques (provided by Noldus, Green Dino, TMSI, and Artinis). These model systems will integrate the right functions for testing and evaluation (food choice simulator, food experience system and cognition test) and can contribute to a more effective product development. 

On 15 December 2015, the FOCOM consortium gathered at the KraftHeinz Innovation Center in Nijmegen to celebrate the successful completion of this 4-year project. The goal was the development of a Food Choice Simulator, a system for the measurement of perception, choice behavior and brain response of consumers in a virtual shop. Furthermore the Development of a Food Experience System for measuring physiological response of consumers upon seeing, smelling and tasting food products. The involved parties furthermore all agreed to continue to work after the finalization of the project, to validate the virtual shop and enable involved scientific and business partners to realize publications.

Subsidy: € 4.000.000,-

i3B partners: Radboud University, Wageningen University & Research, Artinis Medical Systems, Green Dino, Noldus IT, TMSi

Website: click here

Status: finalised May 2015