Hackathon Super Toegankelijk

The way we shop today, isn’t the way we shop tomorrow. Experts in retail expect a blended way of shopping (online AND offline) but with a more personalized, unique approach of the customers’ individual journey. It’s all about convenience and a great experience. Technology plays a big part in this. We believe that visually impaired people are the pioneers in future shopping. They have the needs for these new experiences and they currently use technology to address these needs already. The insights we get from this user group of early adoptors, can help understand the needs and wishes of all the customers of tomorrow.
We identify three main areas to focus on that will benefit all the customers:
Product recognition: identify with self-scan: products/brands, sales/nutrition-data/allergy info/price tag/translations, expiration date
Indoor orientation and navigation: customer journey/guidance for finding ingredients for a specific recipe/navigation to sale items/general wayfinding
Payment innovations: digital receipts/self-checkout payment/innovation in payment (e.g. contactless paying, fingerprint, iris scan)
The focus areas as described above will be guidelines for the Hackathon that i3B and Koninklijke Visio organize. On 24 January, there will be a ‘Shopping experience meeting’ in an Albert Heijn XL store in Eindhoven.
The Hackathon took place on 25 and 26 January 2018. 
Video impression of the Hackathon: