i3B Academy

Many i3B companies have education and training as part of their services portfolio. Yet this usually remains limited to instruction in the use of products developed by them. However, due to the high-tech character of most i3B tools this is often not enough. A brief training session will only suffice if the client is already a specialist in the technology and the use of the tools concerned; in the majority of cases basic training in the ‘ins and outs’ of the relevant research method will be needed.  As this material is often not limited to a specific company then a joint approach is the ideal way forward. The provision of training is therefore part of i3B’s portfolio of activities. Examples are:

Courses in the basic principles of measurement and analysis for brain, cognition, physiology, and behavior.

Participating i3B companies can advise their clients to follow these courses prior to using their products. These courses can be developed in collaboration with Wageningen University and/or Stoas University of Applied Sciences, possibly as a minor in the area of brain/body/behavior.

Courses in the use of the systems present in the i3B Lab

The course is then given by the participating company (in which case i3B only has a facilitating role) or by a fellow company.

The ‘certified i3B specialist’

A certification program that is internationally recognized by i3B-related professional associations.


Courses that are offered free of charge to developing countries with the idea of sowing for a later harvest.