i3B Café: Healthy lifestyle innovations program & Philips wearable technology

i3B Café -  Healthy lifestyle innovations program & Philips wearable technology  


With:                    Guest speaker Reinder Haakma, Senior Director Philips Research

When:                  Wednesday 17 February 2016, starting at 17.00h, accompanied by drinks and snacks

Location:              Donders Institute, Huygensgebouw, zaal: HG 00.304, Heyendaalseweg 135, Nijmegen

Invited:                 Open for all 

Registration:        info@i3b.org  


The number of people that live with a chronic disease will increase dramatically in the coming years. Some of these diseases have been found to be linked to unhealthy lifestyles, such as unhealthy eating habits, physical inactivity and stress. A healthier lifestyle can help people with a chronic disease to increase their quality of life and prevent co-morbidities. The proposed Healthy Lifestyle Innovations (HLI) program aims at developing knowledge and e-coaching innovations that empower people to adopt such a healthier lifestyle by changing their behaviour.




Figures: Monitoring blood pressure 


The focus of the draft HLI program lies on the lifestyle aspects sleeping well, stress and relaxation, healthy food consumption and sufficient physical activity. Also the self-management of pharmacological and other medical treatments are taken into account. The target group is people at risk of or patients with cardiovascular disease (e.g., hypertension), respiratory disease and sleep problems (e.g., sleep apnea). Hereby rethinking the medical diagnosis and treatment approach:  





                                                  Re-thinking medical diagnosis and treatment


Dr. Reinder Haakma, Senior Director at Philips Research, will introduce the Healthy Lifestyle Innovations program and as this Philips research group invented the opticalheart rate monitor, used in divers smart watch brands (Mio, Adidas, TomTom, Garmin), Reinder will elaborate on wearable Philips technology for e-coaching solutions. Last but not least Reinder will suggest how the i3B network can take advantage, collaborate on the HLI program and utilize Philips wearable technology solutions.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016