i3B E-science Lab

In the i3B E-science Lab a library of reference data will be built up that can be used by participants for the development and validation of algorithms for automated pattern classification. This collection will grow into a ‘virtual laboratory for e-science’, which will open up new opportunities for data-driven research. Access to this data via the web will foster open innovation, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The structured collection of reference data in optimally accessible databases, enriched with continuously developing knowledge and validated application methods, will lead to the creation of a worldwide market for i3B E-science Lab’s services. Another aim of the i3B E-science Lab is to build up Concept Development & Experimentation (CD&E) facilities (i.e. linked virtual and real environments for the development of models and simulations). CD&E is increasingly being used as an affordable, efficient and more effective approach for accelerating innovation.

i3B will assume responsibility for the setting up, management and exploitation of the E-science lab. As annotated reference data sets are very valuable, the disclosure of these will be carefully arranged. The i3B E-science Lab will also seek connections with existing European initiatives in order to strengthen these and avoid unnecessary replication.

The i3B E-science Lab will also make a valuable contribution to education and training. The reference datasets can provide the basis for new (online) forms of education in which new target groups in the Netherlands and abroad can be reached.