ItoM Medical

ItoM Medical is a medical device development company focused on biometric sensoring with core expertise on electrophysiology. Founded in 2018 as a daughter company of ItoM, combining many years of experience in IC design and embedded system design with expertise in biometric sensing, data analysis, and processing.
ItoM Medical has the expertise to develop best-in-class miniaturised and low-power wearable devices in the following areas:

  • Electrophysiology amplifier technology, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and photoplethysmography

  • Dry and textile electrode technology

  • Wireless connectivity technologies

  • Biometrics in humans and animals

ItoM Medical develops certifiable medical wearable biometric sensors according ISO13485 guidelines and has its headquarters in Roden, The Netherlands.


Contact Person:        Jurryt Vellinga, CEO