Commit/IUALL: Interaction for Universal Access

Socially Intelligent technology can automatically sense and understand how people interact with each other and with technology. The project contributes to the field of social signal processing or human behavior understanding with algorithms that can detect social information automatically from multimodal cues taken from speech and video. The main domain in which this is investigated in this project is at the school playground. The project also contributes to the field of artificial intelligence, investigating and building spoken dialogue systems in the form of virtual humans that act as a coach or teacher to train social skills.

Using a human-centered design approach, a large part of the project investigates technology that can help people improve their participation in the society. Together with companies and various user groups in a local municipality, we develop and evaluate applications that increase collaboration and the feeling of safety in the community. This research combines Human-Computer Interaction research with the more technologically oriented strand of studies on socially intelligent technology. The various field studies provide insight for constructing a toolkit for inclusive design.

i3B partners: TNO, EagleScience, Noldus IT, VicarVision

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