Motion Microscope

An i3B consortium of Donders Institute, Noldus IT and Vicar Vision submitted the ‘Motion Microscope’ proposal for the ICT with Industry workshop 2015. The proposal was granted, resulting in great benefits for the i3B participants.

The ICT with Industry 2015 workshop was organized from 7 - 11 December 2015 with 50 Scientists working on four Study cases. The five-day workshop, organized by NWO Physical Sciences (EW) and STW, brought together scientists, in particular (junior) research staff and PhD’s, and professionals from industry and government to face and resolve a complex study cases.

The workshop started with the companies and institutes presenting their practical business challenges to be followed by an intense week of analyzing, discussing, modeling and accelerating solutions for the business cases.

See invisible motion, hear silent sounds (motion microscope)

i3B Partners: Donders Institute, VicarVision, Noldus IT

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Status: finalised 11 December 2015