An increasing number of people suffer from neurological disorders such as strokes or MS, or has lasting conditions such as (partial) deafness or chronical pain. In order to manage these conditions and disorders it is essential to have the tools for precise diagnosis and development of individual treatment plans. NeuroCIMT aims to provide these tools.

Using techniques such as EEG, the participanting researchers at NeuroCIMT will generate new models about the location and timing of nervous signals in the brain that are relevant to clinical conditions. The project will inventarize the commonalities and differences between brain signals recorded in conditions in auditory cortex, pain regulation, blood pressure regulation, and movement control. This will result in more precise diagnosis and can enable more focused treatment efforts.

Subsidy: € 6.000.000,-

i3B partners: Artinis, TMSi, Motek Forcelink, ANT Neuro, Radboud University

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Status: running