Companies and knowledge institutes participate in i3B. Are you interested in participating? 



The i3B initiative concerns technology providers with a proven capacity for innovative technical research and/or product development at the interface of ICT and brain, cognition, physiology and behavior. Participating companies have the desire and willingness to share knowledge, facilities and technology with each other and to integrate their hardware and software into complete measurement and analysis solutions. Service providers who do not have their own R&D do not belong to the intended participants in the i3B initiative.

i3B has an international horizon, as business doesn’t stop at the border. i3B connected several foreign participants to the network so far.

Benefits associated with participation:

Connect with relevant business, knowledge institutes, end users, government, investors
One stop shop to exchange ideas, build trust with partners to collaborate
Get access to latest market insights, technologies, developments
Invitation to i3B Café, participant meetings, i3B seminars, brainstorms and scientific events
Invication to science and technology missions
Participate in i3B Special Interest Group(s)

Develop collaborative, integrated ICT solutions + your own products
International partner search
Represented by i3B at matchmaking events for R&D projects
Invications/Establish subsidized projects
Subsidy call information (limited)
Connect with agencies such as NWO, STW, NIHC, Top sector, EC
Support for subsidy proposals

Commercialize collaborative, integrated ICT solutions and your own products
Exposure of joint novel products and prototypes to press contacts, prospects and in consultation (international) customers
Export of expertise, research methods, techniques and tools to emerging markets
Receive discounted services for product development and commercialization
Invitation for matchmaking events with end users in Food, Health, Mobility and Security 
Invitations for commercial contracts, sales leads
Invitations for subsidized projects to sell products, equipment
Exhibition space in joint booth at a reduced rate
Matchmaking abroad, during (collective) international exhibitions, i3B tours
Conferences calendar

Career Exchange
Student, personnel, entrepreneur, researcher search, exchange requests in i3B newsletter
Invitations for (international) exchange programs
Train students entrepreneurial skills
Listed for exchange programs

Training offer for network participants, to exchange knowlegde, experience

Lab facilities
Use of i3B Lab (human, animal) for joint research, testing and system integration purposes
Use of i3B Lab for product demonstrations to customers and prospects
Connect with field labs to validate new prototypes in real life environment

Right to use i3B logo in participant communications
Participant logo placed on i3B digital and printed media
Participant news published on i3B website, i3B newsletters and other media
Present at i3B Café
Communication support with reduced prices for writings text, translate, company of innovation movie



Knowledge institutions

For knowledge institutes, i3B provides an opportunity for intensifying collaboration with market parties and for realizing knowledge transfer. Via i3B measurement concepts and software algorithms from the knowledge providers can find their way to enterprises. This also applies to research institutes such as TNO and the Holst Center: for them the i3B network is a logical partner for the further development of new technologies into working commercial products. For higher education institutions the i3B network and lab facilities are also an attractive location for interns and graduate students.


The current rights and benefits associated with participation in the i3B Foundation for Knowledge institutions are as follows:


Partnering with innovative SME companies, co-development of novel research tools and facilitating industrial co-financing of public-private partnership (PPP) projects (both national and international)

Easy communication with SMEs: quick access to cluster of high-tech companies for technology transfer and collaborative projects

Invitation and presentation at i3B Café

Invitation to science and technology missions

Strengthened position of your organisation in all top sectors, especially HTSM and LSH, national ICT roadmap, bridge to psychology and life sciences

Participate in i3B Special Interest Group(s)



Participant shortlisted for subsidized projects

Joint contract research and product development in food, pharma, mobility and animal husbandry sectors

Priority use of new software and hardware tools in scientific research

Participation in EU projects: i3B can bring your organisation into project consortia

Enhanced entrepreneurial spirit within the university and its research institutes

New spin-off ventures



Participant shortlisted for commercial contracts

Input in annual research program

Sales leads from i3B Lab

Increased efficiency of research: new research tools will be sufficiently mature and robust before they enter field labs, joint investment in new ICT facilities

Enhanced profile of your organisation as centre of life science R&D and PPP, attractive for foreign students, visiting scientists and industrial clients

Increased visibility of your organisation in ICT research, e.g. EU FET flagship projects and EIT KICs

Royalties from commercialization of joint product development

Joint export of expertise, research methods, techniques and tools to emerging markets

Revenues from training and consultancy   



Free access to i3B technical seminars and scientific events

Free access to i3B training courses


Lab facilities

Use of i3B Lab (human, animal) for research, testing and system integration purposes

Use of i3B Lab for product demonstrations to customers and prospects

Use of i3B Lab facilities for other meetings with customers, prospects, business partners or employees

Free use of usability lab (24 hours/year)

Access to specialized research and test facilities for student research projects and teaching (being the i3B core labs, the satellite labs, and in due time also the field labs)



Right to use i3B logo in corporate communications

Participant’s logo placed on i3B digital and printed media

Participant’s news published on i3B website and other media

Subscription to i3B newsletter

Exhibition space in joint booth at a reduced rate

Communication support with reduced prices for writings text, translate, company of innovation movie



Field labs

The i3B network can utilize (field) lab facilities to exchange ideas, develop prototypes, test and finally introduce to the world innovative ICT solutions for Brain, Body and Behavior.

In the i3B Lab the prototypes of the technology providers are tested in relevant but small-scale lab environments with representative test subjects. The prototypes are technically validated, debugged, iteratively improved and combined with tools from other partners into integrated systems. As soon as they are robust enough they are offered to the next link in the chain, field labs.

Field labs are controlled environments, modeled after the real world, where tests and valorization is done with end-users.

i3B complements a range of existing or planned domain-specific field labs elsewhere in the Netherlands. Where these labs are active in the area of brain/body/behavior they normally form the next link in the value chain: the measurement and analysis systems developed in the i3B Lab can be used in the domain-specific labs and validated in a realistic context.


Network and sector organizations

This category comprises network organizations, platforms and associations that support i3B. First of all this concerns the IIP Brain & Cognition, from which the i3B plan arose supported by the National Initiative Brain & Cognition (NIBC), but also other IIPs active in the area of brain, body & behavior such as IIP Sensor Networks and IIP Create.