The Euregio-project PatRiA2 has come to a close. An integrated fully automated risk-assessment system has come to life. The project partners aimed to reduce risks by assessing the task being performed and identifying activities that affect the risk of an avoidable error occurring. They achieved this by using a unique blend of non-invasive detection techniques. Tobias Heffelaar, project leader, explains: “A computerized system warns you when the user's attention slips away and the chance on mistakes increases. We achieved this by using a combination of measures. First of all we compared the actual viewing activity of an operator with the task-relevant viewing activity. Next we did the same for gestures made by the operation. Finally we added the operators emotional state. Negative emotions usually mean reduced involvement which in turn results in an increased chance of errors. This is achieved solely by camera technology and logging the operators actions on a PC. There is virtually no need to adjust the system to individual operators and we do not have to connect anything to an operator that prevents freedom of movement."

Subsidy: € 900.000,-

i3B partners: Noldus IT, VicarVision

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Status: finalised February, 2014