Personalised Nutrition & Health

The ultimate goal of this program is a world where all people are able and willing to choose food that perfectly meets their personal needs. To achieve this is a broad consortium re­searches the best way to help individuals in choosing appropriate foods. Personalized coach­ing is based on both innovative technological ways to measure the health and nutritional intake and translate them into appropriate advice, and socio-psychological aspects to follow up that personal advice maximum opportunity. The merge of both technological and socio-psychological innovation is innovative.

The great innovation where the current expensive healthcare is waiting for is prevention. Mass media education is not effective to change the lifestyle of individuals. This research will help by developing services that enable people to measure their health and nutritional intake fast and to get personalized advice accordingly. The rapid and objective feedback on their actions may create new measurement technologies to ensure that people want and can maintain their healthy behavior. The recommendations are also personalized on the basis of personality traits.

This figure shows the consumer journey, illustrating the steps that a consumer takes in the process of receiving personalized diet and lifestyle advice.

The latest innovation contract speaks of a ‘systems approach’ which should lead to a simple and accessible system for optimal personal food choices.

The first innovation challenges of the themes Nutrition and Health and Consumer chain are therefore respectively:

Affordable and non-invasive methodologies to measure eating behavior and health.

Consument-driven innovation and product development.


Subsidy: approximately € 1.000.000,- per year 

i3B partners: TNO, Wageningen University & Research, Noldus IT, Sense Labs.

Website: click here

Status: running

Other partners can still join the consortium in 2017.