Personalised Nutrition & Health in China

In urban China, like in other modern societies, health related welfare issues are growing. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, child obesity and food allergies are increasingly common. At the same time, more and more Chinese are aware of the possibility to take an active role in their own lifestyle. This awareness combined with modern ICT-technology and customized food products offer a unique opportunity to empower the Chinese consumers to influence their personal health in a positive way.

Worldwide, we see that a new consumer-centered approach to healthy food consumption is emerging. Consumers receive on-line personalized dietary advice that takes into account many different parameters, such as personal preference, motivational goals, habits, social environment, genotype, phenotype and broad measures of personal health status. We refer to this concept as Personalised Nutrition & Health (PNH). This novel way to combine a broad range of personal data has been accelerated by recent ICT developments in wearable sensor technology, smart (phone) applications and data modelling. Combined with specific know-ledge about health effects of foods on individuals and psychological insights on changing behavior, this generates useful personalized health advice.

The ultimate goal of PNH is to enhance the health and wellbeing of urban Chinese by empowering and assisting them to choose and maintain an optimal personalized diet & life-style. In this project, we will chart viable business models to develop and market knowledge-based tools and customized foods in the field of PNH.

Subsidy: € 50.000,-

i3B partners: Sense Labs, Noldus IT, Wageningen University & Research

Website: click here

Status: running

i3B companies are invited to share their views with the ulti­mate goal to export PNH solutions to China.