Quantified Consumer

In a recent study, the TNO-Unilever-Eaglescience team successfully demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to estimate experienced emotion during real-life cooking and tasting using implicit neurophysiological measures such as ambulant EEG and electrodermal (skin) measures. In this previous study, we used large differences in food stimuli: two stir-fry dishes that were a priori expected to evoke different affective reactions, i.e. a pleasant dish with chicken and an unpleasant dish with mealworms as main ingredients. In the project ‘The quantified consumer’ we will extend the research to subtle food stimuli and will add information about behavior (movement) to provide context information to improve the interpretation of neurophysiological information and as a source of information in itself. We will examine a cooking process that is more self-paced (not timed as in the previous experiment) to deliver new insights on more subtle emotions and will develop a unique measurement tool that supports the identification of emotions in preparation and consumption of foods over time. The project will deliver knowledge on the relation between real-life physiology and emotion, as well as on data integration, dealing with noise and modeling. It will also deliver a proof-of-concept tool in which this knowledge is exploited, and that will automatically describe the cooking process together with the associated emotional experience.

Subsidy: € 180.000,-

i3B partners: TNO, Eaglescience, Noldus IT 

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Status: running