Running 20/20

Running 20/20 in a nutshell

Innovation network Running 20/20 tracks all relevant developments which can help to advance sports or health. As a innovation eco system, we would like to discover and experience, with individuals, their coaches or caregivers, what the potential added value could be of wearable data coming from sensors in shoes, clothing or even on (or in) the body.

What is your elevator pitch?

The sports industry is going through exponential innovation, with the rise of smart wearables, biosensors and tracking technology. The goal of Running 20/20 is to accelerate innovation of amateur running and elite athletics, by improving technique, performance, sustainability and the ‘fun factor’.  Our activities are meant to explore, benchmark and validate pre-trending topics from the world of Science, Business and Sports, from the perspective of Technique, Performance, Health, Life Style, Nutrition, Sleep, Clothing and Gear.


Problem & Solution

The market is being flooded with wearable Sports & Health tech.  These apps and devices still provide little benefits, because it’s very hard to trust and use the data. It’s also because these devices aren’t telling you what you need to know. The goal of Running 20/20 is to accelerate and validate innovation, with its valued partners. In this manner, ‘Real World’ runners and athletes can actually contribute and participate, to bring sports technology to life.

Market — your target market and the overall market 

Our ultimate goal is help more and more people to start, sustain and enjoy running, as a way of life or as a way to support healthy living. Our dream is to have 1 billion people running on Planet Earth, before 2050. We’re targeting all runners with a drive to innovate and connect runners and running communities across the world.


Business Model — how do you make money? 

Running 20/20 is a non-profit foundation, with the goal to generate a positive impact on society, regarding health and sports. Our income comes from our sponsors, advertising, subscriptions and partnerships. 


What else do you want the audience to know about your venture?

Our Running 20/20 Meetups are meant to share and multiply experience and knowledge. These Meetups are held on a regular basis, in the Netherlands and in other countries. In these Meetups, speakers from the world of Science, Sports, Health, Technology and Business share their distinctive views through the TED  'Show and Tell' format, in order to deliver high-content presentations and spark interaction.

Since Q3 2018, Running 20/20 has stepped up activities regarding communication, publishing and projects. Next to that, ‘Team Running 20/20’ has been significantly expanded to a team of 9 people per Nov 1st 2018. The first international co-creation project has commenced on Dec 1st 2018, involving organisations from Germany and the Netherlands.



Contact person: Marcel van der Kuil