Scientific Advisory Board Agenda

Invited:                   Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members, i3B participants welcome as audience

Date:                       Wednesday 17 February 2016                   

Address:                 Donders Institute, Huygensgebouw, zaal: HG 00.304, Heyendaalseweg 135, Nijmegen

                                Car parking at Huygensgebouw 

Time:                       15.00h - 17.00h Scientific Advisory Board, 17.00h - 18.00h i3B Café with Philips guest speaker, accompanied by drinks and snacks



1.     Opening


2.     Donders institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior presentation (15 min)

Richard van Wezel, one of the Donders Institute Directors and chairman and host of this SAB meeting, presents the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior. It’s a world-class research center devoted to understanding the mechanistic underpinnings of human cognition and behavior in health and disease. Richard will update you on the latest developments, in particular The Healthy Brain initiative by the Radboud University and possible fields of collaboration with businesses. The profile of Richard van Wezel can be found here:


3.     Pitch your project idea! (30 min)

Are you looking for additional partners, knowledge, finance, research tools or you would just like to receive feedback from the i3B field on your project idea, this is your chance.  Your project idea can be in different stages of development from idea, to already submitted proposal, or funded proposal and looking for opportunities to validate, scale up. Pitch your project idea in 3 minutes for the multidisciplinary advisory board with science experts from the complete ICT brain, body and behavior field. i3B Companies are also invited to pitch their ideas, looking to tackle some research questions for their ICT products. Please register by sending an email to


Several researchers, companies have already agreed to pitch their ideas:

Christian Doeller          RU BSI                              VR applications for memory support

Jan van Erp                 UTwente                            Can eye movements predicts errors in scientific data?

Mina Johnson              RU BSI                              Games for Health and Education

Sabine Hunnius           RU BSI                              Developing a Toolbox of Advanced Behavioral and Cognitive Methods for Applied and Fundamental Research with Infants

Judith Homberg           RU BSI                              Environmental sensitivity and behavioural methods

Andrew Spink              Noldus IT                           Innovative tools for behavioral neuroscience

Matt Coler                    INCAS                              Visual-Voice serious game: Helping people with Parkinsons re-learn natural intonation

Hans Super                 Braingaze                           Eye tracking on mobile platforms to measure cognitive processing

Hans Hopster              WUR                                  Measuring animal behaviour


4.     Radboud University, Behavioral Science Institute (RU BSI) presentation (15 min)

Toon Cillessen, Director, presents RU BSI. RU BSI conducts research on human behavior. The aim of the institute is both fundamental (‘to understand behavior’) and applied to soci­etal challenges (‘to influence behavior’). A distinctive feature of the BSI is an integrative approach to human behavior that transcends the traditional disciplinary boundaries of psychology, education and communication science. Researchers within BSI work on the themes: 1. Development & Learning, 2. Psychopathology, Health and Well-Being, 3. Social Processes and Communication. BSI has over 200 employees, of which 100 are PhD students. Toon will update you on the latest developments on BSI, also in relation to the The Healthy Brain initiative by the Radboud University and possible fields of collaboration with businesses. The profile of Toon Cillessen can be found here:


5.     i3B Results 2015 and Work plan 2016  (10 min)

Simon Haafs, Director, will present the i3B results of 2015 and the Work plan 2016. The profile of Simon Haafs can be found here:


6.     NIHC, New program Professional Games for Professional Skills (1 min)

National Initiative Brain & Cognition (NIHC) announces a new program Professional Games for Professional Skills.  NIHC is open for input on the program. 


7.     FOCOM project results presentation (15 min)

The FOCOM consortium gathered at the Kraft Heinz Innovation Center recently in Nijmegen to celebrate the successful completion of this 4-year project. The goal was the development of a Food Choice Simulator, a system for the measurement of perception, choice behavior and brain response of consumers in a virtual shop. Furthermore, the Development of a Food Experience System for measuring physiological response of consumers upon seeing, smelling and tasting food products. The involved parties furthermore all agreed to continue to work after the finalization of the project, to validate the virtual shop and enable involved scientific and business partners to realize publications. Thea van Kemenade, Business Developer RU BSI will present the results of the FOCOM project.   


8.     Minutes SAB meeting 16th of September 2015 


9.     Suggestions for agenda items for the next SAB meeting on 29th of September 2016. The Dutch Research Agenda will likely be presented.


10.   Closing SAB 


Subsequent i3B Café with guest speaker Reinder Haakma, Philips Healthy lifestyle innovations program & Philips wearable technology, accompanied by drinks and snacks.




Wednesday, February 17, 2016