From security at a shopping mall to terrorism prevention at airports: using ICT systems to monitor and analyze people behavior can have countless applications. Reliable feedback and alerting are key aspects, but for some domains it may be essential to guarantee 100% detection, while for others it may be more important to prevent false alarms.


Urban security is a hot item. Camera surveillance systems scrutinize public areas. An important soccer match requires a considerable police force, and crowd control has become a true profession.
But also at home, security is an increasingly important issue. We are already used to a baby intercom and a smoke detector. Many elderly start using dedicated communication and alarm systems, and new burglar alarms are installed every day.

ICT developments

These days, integrated ICT solutions can interpret and augment existing monitoring systems. Data from multiple sources, be it home monitoring systems, surveillance cameras or mobile phone GPS locations, can be combined and analyzed automatically for human behavior patterns. Depending on the application area, analysis results can be used in different ways. An unattended bag in a train station could immediately trigger warning systems, but if a crowd is detected in the city center, the footage should probably be evaluated by humans before calling the riot police.


A selection of i3B research projects are:

  • GUARANTEE: Guardian Angel for the Extended Home Environment
  • WPSS: Watching People Security Services


Possible results of research in this application domain:

  • A virtual reality game, that uses biosensors to train security professionals and managers to act adequately in crises situations
  • A system that sends a warning text message if someone forgets to turn off the gas stove
  • A camera surveillance system that can automatically, without human observers, track people and detect suspicious behavior

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