SenseWell - Automated assessment of health and wellbeing

SenseWell is a research consortium that proposed the development of a system that automatically assesses health and wellbeing in animal husbandry systems.

SenseWell wants to develop a system to assess animal health and wellbeing. 

This system is based on recent advances in sensor technology, image processing, data fusion, pattern recognition, and software architecture design. It is unique in that it is able to monitor behavior, physiology, and acoustics and combine these measurements for automated assessment of health and wellbeing, and the ability to respond accordingly. Starting out with a rat model, eventually this system can be applied to larger scales such as large laboratory facilities and farm animal husbandry systems.


Subsidy: € 1.000.000,-

i3B partners: Wageningen University & Research, Noldus IT, TeleMetronics Biomedical, Metris

Website: click here

Status: finalised 31 December, 2013