Every day the staff at Siza apply their energy, knowledge and expertise to help and support people with a disability in such a way that they can organise their own lives. More than 3500 people with physical, mental or multiple disabilities, non-congenital brain injury or an autism-related impairment, make use of this support. Children, adolescents and adults. The needs vary from support at home, overnight stays and 24-hour care in a Siza home. From assistance, support and treatment to working in the neighbourhood. Also at work experience places as well as coaching and reintegration. At Siza about 2500 employees work from more than 150 locations in the Netherlands (Gelderland and Midden-Brabant).

At Siza we think in possibilities. We provide support so that people with a disability can organise their lives better. 
Siza makes significant investments in technological resources which help disabled people lead more independent lives. We also focus on care-related and organisational innovations such as multidisciplinary care, social innovation and maximum participation.