Thales Nederland

Thales Nederland B.V. is part of the Thales Group. In the Netherlands, Thales is active in

several market domains. Most of the effort is focused on the Naval domain with a product

portfolio that contains Combat Management Systems, Mission Solutions, New Generation 4D

Radars, I-Mast Integrated Sensor Solutions, Multi-function Sensors, Surveillance Systems,

Weapon Control solutions, Ballistic Missile Defense solutions and Small Platforms Anti-Air

Warfare systems. But the portfolio also contains advanced communication system solutions

for armored vehicles and soldiers on foot.


An important civil domain is Transportation. We develop, deliver and maintain ticketing and

transportation management solutions, such as the ‘Openbaar Vervoer Pas’ and the associated

infrastructure (ticket vending machines, access gates, chip-card readers) and we maintain

these infrastructure elements for all public transport companies in the Netherlands.


Thales in the Netherlands is also active in the domain of Cyber Security and helps organizations

manage their digital transformation process and safely use digital resources and innovations.

An important asset in this market domain is the 24/7 operational Thales Cyber Security

Operations Centre (CSOC), based on 15 years of security knowledge and experience of the

Thales group. The CSOC delivers real-time detection of cyber incidents and advices customer

on the protecting their cyber infrastructures. The CSOC has been rewarded ISO 27001:2013

and NEN 7510:2011 certificates underlining the fact that both the CSOC and the associated

cybersecurity services meet the highest standard in information security.


Apart from the business activities, Thales Nederland also has a Research, Technology and Innovation Lab

for industrial research activities that are not directly product related. The main areas of research are 
Artificial Intelligence and Information Fusions Cyber Security, construction and deployment of

Systems of Systems and Human Factors. The Lab and its researchers are located in Delft.



Thales Nederland

Robijnstraat 12

7554 TB Hengelo

The Netherlands