Utrecht University - Department of Psychology

Themes in the research program. The UU Psychology research program rests on the general notion that human behavior is not only guided by rational considerations but is often driven by seemingly illogical emotions, intuitions, and automatic associations, and sometimes even downright deficient perception and judgments. In view of this notion, the program highlights three themes that directly relate to the issue of how, why and when individuals are willing and competent to function in a society that confronts them with many challenges and choices. The first theme highlights the perception and processing of physical and social information in interaction with the environment that may influence decision-making without individuals being aware of it. The second theme deals with questions about the role of the self in shaping one’s social identity and goal-directed cognitions and motivations to engage in activities that are considered important by society. The third theme relates to the regulation of behavior in view of societal demands and personal goals.

Research infrastructure. The program has excellent lab facilities that accommodate a broad range of psychological research, ranging from behavioral experiments in cubicles to EEG/EMG setups for psychophysiological studies including neuromodulation equipment. Access to scanning facilities is available through close collaboration with the University Medical Centre Utrecht. Support for virtual reality setups, data collection using mobile devices (including mobile eye tracking) and wearables is provided by the FSBS research technical team.


Utrecht University – Department of Psychology

Padualaan 14

3584 CH Utrecht

The Netherlands

Website: www.uu.nl

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Henk Aarts

E-mail: H.aarts@uu.nl