Virtual Emotion Reader


Virtual Emotion Reader is a R&D project which is developing a new system for measuring consumer choice behavior, including emotions, whilst the subjects are eating. This is a difficult task as the act of eating can mask the expression of emotions. It is also an important task, because the food industry invests a huge amount in the development of new products, but the traditional techniques such as focus groups and tasting panels are not effective in predicting which products will be a success, leading to a lot of wasted development. Tools for understanding how and why consumers make their choices are critical to making that process more effective. In this project, the partners are developing an innovative method for measuring subjects’ emotions whilst they are eating, both in a virtual environment as well as when they are exposed to images, smells and the taste of food.

Subsidy: €190.000,-

i3B partners: VicarVision, Noldus IT

Website: click here  

Status: running