VR Lab


The VR Lab in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, aims to promote and stimulate the development, knowledge and functional use of VR and AR. It aims to be: a (co) working space for VR professionals, a knowledge hub, an experience facility, a community builder and a one-stop shop for clients interested in starting VR initiatives.


For VR professionals the VR Lab offers a shared workspace enabling them to share knowledge and to make use of hardware provided by the Lab. Most VR companies are small companies or start-ups with limited budgets. The costs of working with the latest VR hardware are continuously rising with every new headset or VR related peripheral coming available on the market. Furthermore VR development requires a broad set of competencies that are often not available within a single company. Within the VR Lab forces can be joined to develop VR projects of all sorts and types. The VR Lab organises various formal and informal events so its tenants and members of VR Lab’s growing network can get introduced to as well as get hands-on experience with the latest technologies and hardware available on the market.


Businesses and non-profit organisations are struggling to understand the capacities of VR. The VR Lab provides an introduction to VR and immersive experiences to those who did not have the opportunity to dive into a truly immersive VR environment yet. For those businesses already working with VR, the Lab provides means to use or try out the latest hardware and installations. Under the VR Lab umbrella we enable our customers to start various VR initiatives. VR Lab can act as a main contractor for VR projects. VR Lab will utilise the various experts and capabilities that are available through its network for realising these projects. The focus for those projects is on the application of VR outside gaming and entertainment.



VR Lab

Waalbandijk 12h

6541AJ Nijmegen

The Netherlands