WPSS: Watching People Security Services. Automatic people tracking and the detection of suspicious behavior.

This project aims to answer the question of how intelligent camera systems can be used in a variety of situations to increase safety, detect relevant events, and track people while interpreting their behavior. Using the alerts and information provided by such systems the end user can effectively and efficiently evaluate the situation and act accordingly. All of this will be done while taking into account the relevant legal frameworks and privacy-by-design.

The project’s goal is to develop a Dutch, but internationally competitive, software platform for automated human behavior observation in a wide range of camera surveillance services and safety applications. This concept is at the core of the chains and networks theme: providing the right information to the right people at the right time. The participants in this project are three of the Netherlands’ most experienced computer vision companies: Eagle Vision, VicarVision and Noldus Information Technology, in cooperation with the institute for applied research in this field, TNO. CameraManager.com is the pioneer in web based camera security in the Netherlands and Borking Consultancy is involved with the privacy-aware design of surveillance systems. A focus group has been formed with a wide variety of end users, market representatives and other stakeholders. Making intelligent image analysis available as a service (Software as a Service) offers a better, easier, more efficient and more affordable solution for most end users while, at the same time, it will bring new opportunities to the surface for all participating parties.



Subsidy: €1.000.000,-

i3B partners: TNO, Eagle Vision, Noldus IT, VicarVision

Website: click here

Status: finalised December, 2014